Our Team

Regional Risk Managers help oversee sales and agriculture risk management services for Silveus Financial clients through the use of commodity futures/options, over-the-counter price products, and cash flow planning with banking partners. Our Client Service, Trade Desk and Compliance teams are highly qualified, educated and certified to help you with your risk management needs.

Jared Clark, CEO, Risk Manager

Derrik Hobbs, Managing Principal, Risk Manager

Tim Minear, Chief of Operations

Carrie Watts, Risk Manager, Client Services

Janis Highley, Risk Manager, Client Services

Sean Findley, Trade Desk

Bryce Guse, Risk Manager

Emily Dalton, Compliance

Fidel Burciaga, Risk Manager, Client Services

Mary Guse, Service Coordinator, Client Services

We help agricultural producers and end-users understand their options in risk management. This includes helping them understand the forces at work in the current market both in the near- and the long-term as well as helping clients develop solutions to take advantage of their biases in the market.