The story of Silveus Financial is the story of Connected Risk Management.


Founded in 2012, Silveus Financial was based in Chicago dedicated to helping producers find a better way to market their grain. Although precision agriculture has turned farming into a truly sophisticated and data-driven endeavor, the marketing side of the business suffered from lack of a controlled and affordable approach. Adding to an already challenging situation, today’s farmers are bombarded with disconnected ideas from multiple sources that more-often-than-not increase rather than decrease risk.
Silveus Financial creates a cohesive marketing strategy to give farmers, regardless of size or resources, a comprehensive, informed, and disciplined methodology to managing risk. Our three-step approach of Model, Plan, Execute visualizes every marketing tactic producers utilize to hedge yield and price risk into a single picture – the matrix. Using nCompass™ and HedgeTRAK risk management software, our team of experienced risk managers works with farmers to develop a personalized strategy that considers farm size, personal risk profiles, and market bias.
The result is a multi-year marketing plan customized to each farm that utilizes a rule-based, model-driven methodology and technology to connect, monitor, and manage that plan throughout the crop year.